ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea - Clip #4

The fourth in a series of movie clips from Hayao Miyazaki's newest feature film, Ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea.  BVI France has made these available to promote Ponyo's release in French theaters.  So if you are one of the lucky Ghibli Freaks from France, be sure to see the movie so you can brag about it to the rest of us.

This is a terrific little scene, very humorous.  Miyazaki has always had a knack for eating scenes, with characters like Lupin and Sherlock Hound and Dora gorging themselves recklessly on massive piles of food.  Ponyo here only steals part of a sandwich, but I am reminded of those earlier comic scenes and I smile.

After the dark, heavy themes of Howl's Moving Castle, I'm looking forward to a more lighthearted Ghibli movie.  Ghibli's humor is always so humble and honest.  Miyazaki is an observer of human nature.  Hollywood movies would rather shout at you until your ears bleed.

And I can't possibly be the only one who is swept away by the art direction in this movie.  The detail and color in this world is amazing, far closer to illustrated books than cinema.  It's a direction that Ghibli has quietly moved towards for a number of years, in their short films.  The artists at Pixar should sneak their art supplies into the movie theaters with them, and take careful notes.

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