Ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea - Clip #1

Courtesy of media site BVI France*, here is a series of short clips from Miyazaki's latest Studio Ghibli movie, Ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea.  The movie has just been released in France, with releases across the globe to follow.  We Americans will get to see Ponyo on the big screen in August.

Ponyo is the story of a fish princess who makes friends with a little boy and wishes to be human.  There are parallels, of course, to The Little Mermaid, but this movie is a Miyazaki original through and through.  This is the film director's first feature film aimed specifically at small children since My Neighbor Totoro - I'm sure that claim seems bizarre to Western eyes and ears, since animation here is almost exclusively a children's domain.  But Miyazaki's films reach a broad range of audiences, from 5 to 85, and all points in between.

(* I only found these clips on YouTube.  If there are problems, do what Republicans do.  Blame the French.)

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