Ponyo - French Trailer

What?!  They get to Ponyo in April?!  You mean this week?!

This is a really terrific trailer, setting up the basic premise of the movie, but without giving anything away.  Notice how moments are allowed to unfold naturally, with slow dissolves instead of rapid-fire cuts.  The average shot length for Ponyo is five seconds.  Five.  Whole.  Seconds.

As always, France treats Studio Ghibli with the utmost dignity and respect.


szy said...

Yep, I hate to say this, but here in Spain they're releasing Ponyo in a couple of weeks too. Woo, less than a year from it's japanese release :)

I'm incredibly eager to see what Miyazaki sensei has prepared for us this time. Howl's was a big dissapointment for me and I hope Ponyo proves me
Miyazaki's still the great storyteller we know.

asuka said...

all very exciting...
i do have to say - and maybe this is just me being an incredible grump - that there's something about the colouring of ghibli's films since porco rosso that i find rather garish. a profusion of "coral-y" sorts of tints. maybe (to pick up on something suggested recently here) it's a post-kondo thing...
still looking forward, though!

Doug said...

This is a magical trailer. At the risk of being melodramatic it makes me sad, thoughtful, joyful and also makes me wish I was seven again.

Its also interesting that following your post re: Pixar and its potential creative end that I have the distinct feeling that America may finally fall in love with Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli in a large way.

Long live Hand Drawn animation!!

Anonymous said...

I must add, in Italy we saw it two weeks ago... And wonderfully dubbed too, the best edition of a Ghibli movie we ever had!
Really a great job from Lucky Red, who is planning to release all Ghibli movies in theaters, starting from Totoro.
- Susi -

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