Photos - Ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea

Here are the latest series of photos from Miyazaki's Ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea. These are some really spectacular shots, and quite varied, too. These are worthy of serious examination. I can't wait for the "Art of Ponyo" book to arrive here in the States. Ghibli's art books are always wonderful, but I think this one will be quite exceptional.
Some of the busier action shots are really quite breathtaking. You have to remind yourself that this was created entirely by hand. No cgi assistance whatsoever. The amount of skill and detail, just to get the timing right, is remarkable. No doubt following Miyazaki's old-fashioned approach to Ponyo made it more challenging, but like a great jazz combo at their peak, Ghibli shows they have the chops. No doubt they're challenging their animation peers around the globe - sure, you can fake it with the computers, but do you really have the skills to pull this off?
I wonder if any other studios will take the old man's challenge? That would be a sight to see...

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Anonymous said...

Augh, all of your blog posts about Ponyo are making me excited about the film again! Which is a good thing, I suppose, since I havent thought about it in a few months!

Can't wait for the english release! Only a few more months to wait! 'Til then, I guess I will have to content myself with watching the Ghibli movies I have. :D

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