Jarinko Chie - The Closing Credits

Good news: Isao Takahata's 1981 movie, Jarinko Chie, is currently available on YouTube. Bad news: the only clip is the closing credits. D'oh! However, since it's a perfectly lovely coda to the movie, I figured, hey, why not show it?

The closing song has always stayed in my head. It's just perfectly catchy, and has that mellow, early '80s sound. For me, it's nostalgic. Perhaps I'm just reaching that age where childhood exists a world away from me.

In any case, Jarinko Chie is a great movie, and this final scene is a good example why. It's a good reflection on the overall picture, with its slapstick comedy, its complicated family melodrama, and its slightly goofy comic book flavor. I'm not at all surprised that it spawned a successful tv series.

Hopefully, one of these days, someone will post the fansub version of Chie on YouTube. Is anyone at TMS paying attention?

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