Ghibli Museum Art Book

This little gem is the official art book that commemorated the opening of the Ghibli Museum in Japan. I found this item on Ebay, and if you're so willing, you might want to buy it before I do.

These illustrations all seem to come from Miyazaki's hand, depicted in that loose-yet-skillful drawing style of his. Having them in watercolor is an extra bonus, because we never get enough of his comics art in watercolor. For the Ghibli fan, this is a rare item, indeed. Consider yourself very lucky and fortunate if you manage to collect a copy.
You can click on the photos for a larger view. These are some wonderful illustrations, full of detail and life and color. Miyazaki's mastery of layout and composition shines through here; this, really, was his first love. He originally aspired to be a manga author. But he answered that newspaper ad for the Toei Toga studio instead, way back in 1963. And, as the old cliche goes, the rest is history.
Am I the only one would would give anything to live in a home like this? I think if fortune shined upon me, and I made enough money, I'd build a home in the countryside exactly like this. I might just hand these illustrations as ready-made blueprints.

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Kajino P said...

I feel sorry for the people who don't have the connections to get this book at its regular price. Totemo takasugimasu! Still a very nice book and very recommended.

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