3000 Leagues in Search of Mother - Thank You

When checking the traffic data from this blog this evening, I read these kind words from a loyal Ghibl Freak at the Live-Evil forums:

I ordered and received the 3000 Leagues DVD set from the site above. The quality
is good as well as the translation. Yes there are mispellings here and there but it is at least 95% accurate. The guy who told me about the site has a review of the set and pictures...

First of all, thank you so very much for your kind words. I'm glad to be able to direct everyone to such gems as the 3000 Leagues box set. I'm glad to see that some of you are purchasing these. You really should, ya know. They're extremely cheap, around $25 or so nowadays.

Now, there's another reason why I'm mentioning this, aside from the silly ego boost. Live-Evil is the name of the anime fansub group that was working on their own translation of the Marco series.

Older anime series like Marco are less popular with the anime crowd, as you might expect. They'd prefer something flashier and newer, probably something with a lot more sex and violence. I don't know how many are asking for Isao Takahata's take on Bicycle Thieves.

So while I can sympathize with their situations, I would hope that someone would resume work on fansubbing 3000 Leagues. It's because of their work on the first six episodes that I was able to discover this fantastic series. Without Live-Evil, I may not have discovered Takahata's 1976 masterpiece.

So, as I often say, it's up to all the Ghibli Freaks to do their part. Each of us must spread the word and share these classic films with everyone. It may seem very slow, and it seems like we're adding new fans one person at a time. But your efforts do make a difference. We wouldn't be here doing this if that weren't true.


Anonymous said...

Hello, lo siento pero solo puedo escribir en español, ya que vivo en Barcelona, muchas gracias por está pagina. me gustaria saber si sabes en que año comenzo la historia de 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother?. tambien me gustaria tener más información sobre Yoichi Kotabe.saludos y gracias,

Anonymous said...

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Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Thank you very much. You're very kind. It's great to have you aboard.

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