Momose's Latest

Hmm...perusing the GhibliWiki reveals that Yoshiyki Momose has just directed his latest short. According to Studio Ghibli's diary, he finished work on a music video. The artist remains unnamed at this time, but I'm sure we'll discover in due time. No doubt it's someone I've never heard of before.

Personally, I've been itching to see more of Momose's work, especially something like his three Capsule music videos. Those were just spectacular, vivid, lively, and very fresh and new. You would guess that this was the work of a young director, not a 50-something veteran. We never get to see enough of him. I wonder why he hasn't considered feature films yet? Other than Ghiblies Episode 2, his director work consists of commercials and music videos.

And, of course, I remain hopeful that we'll one day see a Ghiblies Episode 3 one of these years.

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