Lupin III Series One in Theatres

This is interesting. Studio Ghibli is promoting Lupin III Series One on their Japanese website. The episodes are actually going to be shown in theatres during March and April. Very interesting. The site includes info about the series, as well as a trailer.

These sort of things always grab my interest, because it gives me hope that I could see an official Lupin release someday in the West. Of course, Series One was just released on Blu-Ray by a different publisher, so the chances of seeing the original 1971 series under the Ghibli banner anytime soon are slight. But it does appear to be in their sights.

Strange, given the success of Takahata, Miyazaki, and Lupin III, that the original series that started it all remains almost completely unknown to the rest of the world. What's really strange is that this remains the best collection of episodes in the Lupin canon, by far. Let's hope that soon changes.

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