Things I Don't Get

Why is this the only Ghibli blog on the internet? Really, what's the deal with that?

And why am I not getting higher traffic because of that?


Anonymous said...

I suppose because theres such a long gap between Ghibli films; interest wanes pretty fast in between. Hopefully it'll spike up once Ponyo is released in the US.

Guilherme said...

very strange indeed.

I read your blog for about a year and I also show for everybody.

the content you publish is treasure!


Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Well, thank you very much for all the kind words. This is still very much a small scene, and we have to build it - quite literally - one fan at a time. It'll take us a while, but it's a great achievement if you can create a weblog that gets 100 visitors a day. Most of you guys are pretty loyal.

Which, of course, means I need to be writing more. Hopefully, my political blog won't completely consume my time anymore. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

You have been instrumental in introducing Ghibli films to me. I've always been thankful for this blog. I've in turn introduced your blog and Ghibli films to my fmaily and friends. Keep up the absolutely excellent work. As another poster said, it is a "treasure".

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