Film Threat makes a compelling argument for Toei Doga's first color feature, the 1958 movie, Hakujaden ("The Legend of the White Snake"). We've touched upon Toei from time to time here at the blog; here is a chance to learn more of the fabled studio's history.

Hakujaden is available on DVD in Japan, if I'm not mistaken. It's somewhere on my "DVDs to buy" list. If and when I get my hands on the movie, you'll be the first to know.

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asuka said...

in the meantime, if you're curious to look at the film , there are used copies of the english dub panda and the magic serpent selling on amazon for less than a buck. the picture quality is dreadful, the english script is bizarre, but judging from the running time, little or nothing was actually cut (i haven't seen the original) - and there are some lovely visuals.

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