Fun With Babelfish

I ran this post from a German blog that linked to Conversations on Ghibli into Babelfish...and, well, just enjoy:

"We press Daniel the thumbs that he exempts from warning lawyers remains and in its blog such ingenious views of the work of the large Hayao Miyazaki to far can present!"

That should be put on a t-shirt. I press you the thumbs!

Anyway, thanks to our blogger friends from Germany. This blog is read across Europe, so we're glad to have everyone join in on the party.

1 comment:

Klaus said...


Hey, that's actually my blog and yes, we "press our thumbs" as an equivalent to your "keeping the fingers crossed". When you think about it, there so many sayings that are totally weird and funny if you don't know the meaning behind the words... like "raining cats and dogs"

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