Ghibli Blog Update

A short and much-needed message for everyone who visits the Ghibli Blog. I've been without internet connection this past month. Again. Sigh. Fortunately, my money woes these past few months are past me now, so hopefully I'll be able to get that damned bill ($60/month) paid off.

Perhaps I should add a PayPal button to Conversations on Ghibli and ask for donations....hmm, maybe. We'll see. If every visitor to this site donated one lonely dollar, my internet connection would be paid in full.

As soon as I get back online, I'll get busy on uploading Anne of Green Gables episodes. I want to have the entire series available for viewing. And I really wish I could find that video splicing program I once had, so I could extract all the episodes of 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother...with the subtitles, of course. Talk to you soon!

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Geoff Nickerson said...

Hey Daniel,

I'd be happy to donate to the cause if needed, I enjoy your blog that much!

Also, just a reminder, Jarinko Chie now has the Fansub Available on Boxtorrents. Spread the word!

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