Off-Topic Post: Can I Start Getting Paid in Euros?

Oh, by the way, the global financial markets melted down a trillion dollars today.

The stock market is going to be a nightmare tomorrow. It's a good thing the windows at the TCF building are double-plated. And while I say that slightly tongue-in-cheek, the sober truth is that the US economy is completely FUBAR'd.

Oh, boy, will I be looking forward to the Oscar nominations tomorrow. I really, really need a pick-up.


Mar said...

FUBAR'd heheh.... my goodness... hope it gets back on its feet soon...

Mar said...

one of my favorite clubs in Beirut... when things were better in the early 2000s was called FUBAR.... I used to make sure I go there everytime I visited that city... it closed down.. the whole city is now.

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