AniPages History of Toei Animation

Just to finish things out, I wanted to include these two masterful posts from anime scholar Ben Ettinger from his weblog AniPages. Here, he chronicles the movies from the golden age of Japan's Toei Animation studio. This period covers 1958, with the release of Japan's first full-color animated feature, Hakujaden, through the early 1970's, and the exodus of the great talent that would achieve world fame via World Masterpiece Theatre, Telecom, and finally Ghibli.

These essays serve as a primer on anime's most important studio; I've relied heavily upon AniPages in the past, and will continue to do so into the future. If you have any interest in animation, this site should be at the top of your blogroll.

And, finally, I'll make one more appeal to you in support of these wonderful films. We all know how difficult it is to bring these movies to our shores, and bring them to ever-widening audiences. Discotek Media has brought us The Wonderful World of Puss in Boots, Animal Treasure Island, and Taro the Dragon Boy. These are all must-have's for any DVD collection, and this is a small company, so they deserve your support.

You've all talked the talk about fan support. Well, now it's time to actually prove it. Prove it. Buy these DVDs today. Tell your kids that Santa was held up in traffic.

Anipages - Toei Doga, part 1
Anipages - Toei Doga, part 2

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