Wild Strawberries - Dream Sequence

(Update: This video has since been removed from Youtube.  Sorry.)

For the benefit of movie lovers, and in memory of the great Igmar Bergman, I present one of his signature scenes, the surrealist dream sequence from the beginning of Wild Strawberries. It's a magnificent example of his skills, and a damn fine piece of movie making. See, kids? This is what the old-timers talk about when they talk about, "movies." No fart jokes, no endless explosions, no torture porn. Real movies.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think any other director has influenced my understanding of visual narrative as much as Bergman (Ingmar with an 'n', by the way).

I even had the pleasure of meeting him some ten years ago, when visiting a friend of mine on Gotland (neighbouring island to the one where Bergman lived). I remember my friend telling Bergman how little he thought of Autumn Sonata (I, now, disagree).. and Bergman just stood there. No reaction at all. None. We were both expecting some sort of defensive raging, but none came. My friend then paused, a bit embarrassed I'm sure. Then Bergman did this strange, subtle gesture with his hand as if whisking away a fly, and turned his back on us. As he walked away, he turned his head saying "Let's discuss this over coffee, boys". And so we did.

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