Uploading Problems With Computer

Hmm. I've been having problems uploading videos from my computer to YouTube and similar sites. I haven't determined the cause for this, though I assume it's related to my new wireless cable modem at the apartment, or possibly the new virus software I've been running after an especially nasty virus battle a couple weeks back.

Also, while my BitTorrent downloads are working fine, there is no uploading. Again, I'm suspicious of the settings on my computer. Sure would be nice if I knew my way around a computer better. I was fine with Apple IIe - what happened to me?

Fortunately, I can still upload pictures to Blogger, which is a requirement for both the Ghibli blog and Videogames of the Damned. I still want to fix the video upload issue, especially when there's still so much cool stuff to show off.


Anonymous said...

Hey, i'm commenting on another topic and i sent you mail at about 3000 Leagues. I think i've gone nuts looking for a dvd for this series ^.^"

Anonymous said...

Hey, what's happening with the conversations on ghibli contest? I keep checking for an update. You said you would post the essays and ask for addresses and stuff later on.

(To psgame_freak, at the bottom right-hand corner of the webpage, there's a set of links with the subheading, "buy these dvds". 3000 leagues is there; and you could google "jsdvd" and "3000 leagues" and have it translated if you want to buy it. Its thirty dollars US.)

Unknown said...

I second the "what's up with the contest?" question. I really, really want to see those Conan fansubs, and my internet access is way too sporadic to download them . . . :-)

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