1st Annual Blog Party - Everybody Wins!

Yay! Everybody's a winner! I couldn't bear to let any of you walk away empty-handed, so I'll have to work hard to burn many, many discs so I can send them out. Fortunately, I'm just about finished with burning Sega Saturn games, so that means the computer disk drive is free.

My deepest thanks to everyone who sent in their top-fives and wrote their opinions down. I'll be printing each and every one of them here on the blog. This, really, is the reason I started this website in the first place - bringing people together and sharing their affections for all things Ghibli.

First, let's give a big thanks to all the following individuals who participated and played along:

James Mar
Jessica Fairclogh
Benjammin De Schrijver
Anthony Tardiff
Marissa, the mom, and her kids,
Aarik and Athena
Reuben Dillon
Edmond M. Boys and
Gabrielle Lucas
Klaus Wiesmuller

Give a big hand to everyone. How much does postage cost these days? D'oh.


Klaus said...

Oh my God, this is all so unexpected!! Just a few words: first of all, I would like to thank my parents...

looking forward to the package and your next posts!

Benjamin De Schrijver said...


I might not do it on a blog, but I'm constantly trying to get people to watch Ghibli films and realize the brilliance of most of them. And I must say that I have your great analysis to thank for much of my understanding of them on a higher level than just "wow, that was great!". Cheers!

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Well, that's really how the Ghibli name has become popular in the States, purely by word of mouth, and one person sitting others down with a DVD in hand. Hey, check this out - you'll love it.

If it was up to the suits at Disney, we wouldn't be anywhere. But that's the lesson of America in a sense. All the changes come about from the people themselves, taking matters into their own hands.

That's why all the download and DVD links are here on the blog. They're tools to help you spread the word, even if you have to do it one person at a time.

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