We Have Jarinko Chie Subtitles!

This is a great day for treasure hunts. First, on my Saturday record hunts, I score....drum roll, please....the original mono version of Sgt. Pepper's for $25. Now, we finally have a subtitle file for Jarinko Chie!

We have subs for Chie! Yay!!

Reader James Mar sent me an email early this morning with a handy link to the long-awaited .srt subtitle file for Chie. As I explained to him, and as you all know, this is one of the very last Isao Takahata works not to be subtitled into English. A fansub has always been requested from fans over the years, but the project was never undertaken.

So now we finally have the subtitles, and we just need to properly attach it to a video file. I'll be sending copies to fansubbers, and hoping that Jarinko Chie will finally be available online.

I've managed to create a video file from my DVD - and this is where the YouTube video comes from - but the timing is slightly off, and the file is slightly glitchy. It's really not usable.

I'm posting the direct link for the .srt subtitle file here, in hopes that someone in the know can finally piece everything together. Send the word out - with a ha na nani and a ha cha cha!

Jarinko Chie - English Subtitle File (.srt)


Chris Sobieniak said...

In a perfect world, I'd rather you sent me a DVDrip of said film, then I can always run the srt through VirtualDub to create an easy but workable digisub. Or I could just do an MKV with the subtitles muxed into the same file with the visuals. There's too many options but I just don't want to go that extra mile and do what other fansubbers have done in recent years.

Didarabocchi said...

Thank you Daniel!!! I've been waiting a lot of time for this moment.

gorillatech said...

Isn't there a Chie torrent out there somewhere?

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Not yet. We're working on it. The Chie torrent will be out before too long.

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