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Want to complete your Miyazaki and Takahata DVD collection? I have good news for you. I'm adding direct links to the online merchants where you can purchase the DVDs. I'll be adding to the list when I can.

The Heidi and 3000 Leagues box sets come from JS DVD Mall, which hails from Taiwan. The Heidi set currently costs US$24.35, but does not include subtitles. The Marco set costs $30.17, and does include subtitles. Everything else comes from the YesAsia site, which is where I get all my movies. Both merchants have been very helpful to me, and I recommend them.

As always, you will need to override your DVD player's region lockout code in order to run these, but there are several options available. When I get back from work, I'll show you what you can do. Happy hunting!

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Chris Sobieniak said...

I so far used YesAsia a couple months back, but haven't thought about buying from Taiwan yet (often associate them for the pirated stuff). Nice to see how much the Heidi box is going for having to look up the currency conversion. Despite not having English subs, I should still be able to follow along somewhat (probably worth it as I wasn't sure how reliable the subs out of there could be as opposed to HK).

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