Oscar Night - Best Animated Short

Congratulations to everyone involved in the making of The Danish Poet for winning the Oscar for Best Animated Film. Once again, the Academy credits the hard work of traditional, hand-drawn animation, shunning the big-budged, computer animation from the major studios. Congratulations to all involved. Your award was a win for all of us. Oh, and one more thing, Oscar? What's with the children? Nice. Animation still has a long way to go towards full respectability in this country. Let's get to work, gang.


Chris Sobieniak said...

I still need to see The Danish Poet myself, though I thought "Maestro" was another fine short as well (mainly for the POV-type approach).

Michael Sporn said...
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Michael Sporn said...

"Danish Poet" is a literate, intelligent, adult film with modest but fine animation. It far exceeds anything else nominated (but not a couple that weren't nominated.) Thank the gods that Pixar's piece of puerile nonsense, "Lifted," didn't win - it was the worst piece nominated. I'm also pleased that a 2D film won again, at least they aren't trying to pretend to be 3D dolls animated.

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