Movie Night - Future Boy Conan, Ep. 4

(Update: This video has since been removed from Youtube.  Sorry.)

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! I hope every one of you are finding some way to continue Dr. King's work for justice and equality. Don't just pay lip service once a year. Do something. Make a real difference in your world. Peace!

Time for the next episode of Future Boy Conan! Episode 4, "The Barracuda." Conan and Jimsy sneak onboard Capt. Dyce's boat in order to rescue Lana (the first of many, many rescue attempts, by the way), Jimsy steals food and gets drunk, and many wacky events transpire. Jimsy running around drunk as a loon is one of my favorite bits from the whole series. Have I mentioned that Jimsy is my hero? He steals smokes and he drinks like a fish! What more do you want?

I'm a bit surprised that there hasn't been any more characters like Jimsy in Miyazaki's later work. His romantic hero and heroine are his standard archetypes, appearing and reappearing time and again. But Jimsy? The reckless clown doesn't really appear again. I suppose that Markl from Howl's Moving Castle kinda reminds me of Jimsy; Markl is a domesticated and civilized version of Jimsy. Or maybe the younger sister, Mei, from My Neighbor Totoro. She kinda reminds me of 'ol Jim.

Anyway, enjoy episode four of Conan. I'll keep uploading episodes, and we'll see how long we can keep the party going.


Chris Sobieniak said...

I love the idea Conan had to take Jimsy's whippings once they were caught and punished, only to make Jimsy realize how important friendship was once he discovers the crap Conan had to put up for him.

ReuS said...

Yeah I enjoyed this episode a lot too. It was a real test of friendship for both Conan and Jimsy. Conan taking the heat for his new friend, and Jimsy learn how to be a friend.

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