Koicki Murata and Oh Pro

Very recently, the Japanese animator Koichi Murata passed away. He was one of the prominent people at Oh Production, and was also involved in many classics of anime, including most of Takahata and Miyazaki's major works of the 1970s - Heidi, Marco, Conan, Jarinko Chie, Sherlock Hound, Lupin III, Nausicaa, and finally, Oh Pro's best known movie, Gauche the Cellist. In other words, Murata was one of the essential talents of Japanese animation.

Ben Ettinger has written an excellent post about Murata and Oh Production over at Anipages, and as always, it's an essential read. Most, if not all, of my understanding of anime's history comes from Ben and his site, so I'm always grateful for his detailed history lessons. Read and enjoy.


Michael Sporn said...

Thanks for the news. It's good having you back with your site. I find it indispensible. My appreciation of anime has risen considerably thanks to your writing.

Chris Sobieniak said...

I also have to thank Ben for also giving me a reason to understand anime beyond the normal attitude most have accepted it as. I only wish his "SubRosa" database was still up, it had some good valuable infomation I can't find anywhere else concerning the crew of such films I had seen before, but perhaps I can weasel it out of him one day in hopes of starting up a website of my own devoted to listing most aniamted productions from the 20th century to the present.

Nice to see Michael Sporn has also been impressed by this blog!

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