Ghibli Calendar 2007

It's time to pull out the new 2007 Studio Ghibli calendars, everyone! If you're not aware, Studio Ghibli has been publishing annual calendars since the late '90s, featuring artwork from their major films. For Ghibli fans, this is something of an annual event, a prized possession to store away and show off to the future grandchildren.

I've noticed that this year's calendar is a bit different. They're using actual shots from the movies this time. Usually what happens is that the artists render scenes from the movies, from a different angle or perspective, or they create a scene from outside the movies altogether. Mei and Satsuki playing with the Totoros, or Taeko and Toshio at a holiday celebration in town, or, if we're really lucky, a full-color illustration from the Nausicaa books.

For 2007 we're getting the iconic screenshots from the films. It's a different change of pace. I wonder, also, if this move was made because of the production of the new Miyazaki film, which will be consuming the Ghibli studio until summer 2008. Perhaps they just couldn't spare the artists this year.

In any event, you can purchase the Ghibli calendars at any major online retailer. It would be great to be able to purchase them in the States, but what can ya do? Ghibli will never allow Disney to get its greasy paws on their works, and God bless 'em for it.

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