Kaze no Tori Michi

Reader Konan points me to this music video I've seen recently (but subsequently have forgotten about). This is a video for a 2005 song titled, "Kaze no Tori Michi," sung by 26-year-old pop singer Sayuri Horishita.

This video was directed by Tomomi Mochiyuki, and three artists from Studio Ghibli, Katsuya Kondo (animator), Takahito Nakazawa (animator), and Naoki Tanaka (backgrounds). Ms. Horishita was a great fan of Spirited Away, and was thrilled at the chance to work with Ghibli's famed artists.

It's a great little song, isn't it? I'm not especially experienced with Japanese pop music (apart from garage band Guitar Vader), but this is a nice, sparse tune. It's so nice to hear a pop song that's, well, real music, instead of the corporate-jingle driven, computer-manufactured drivel that passes for pop in America today. Ugh. It hasn't been this bad since the dark days of Hair Metal (could even be worse - at least Stryper didn't lip-sync).

Anyway, this video aired on an NHK program called Minna no Uta, or "Everybody's Music." It's a long-running show, usually running five minutes at a time (at the end of television programs), and serves as a vehicle to introduce new pop songs and showcase animators. A Wikipedia page (the real one, not the Mad Magazine version) on Minna no Uta can be read here.

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