Fansubs Now Available - Did Ya Notice?

I didn't realize that I didn't mention this in a post before, so I'll do it now.

On the right column, below the external links to my film reviews/essays (from my original artist website,, below the archives and recent posts, below the external links to other related websites, you will find the fansubs.

Currently, the original Lupin III TV series, Future Boy Conan, and Anne of Green Gables are available. Also available is the first seven episodes of 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother, aka Marco. These series have been painstakingly translated, subtitled, and presented by dedicated fans just like you and me, purely as a labor of love.

These fansubs can be played on any standard media player, like Real Player or Windows Media Player. Lupin III requires the VLC Media Player to run, because of its file type. It's an excellent little player; I also use it whenever I want to watch The Flying Ghost Ship or Horus. You will also need a bit torrent program for downloading.

Everything can be found with a simple Google search. Just click on a link and start downloading. As always, be patient, and be sure to keep your bit torrent file open as long as possible, in order to share with others.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with these anime classics, here's what Mel Brooks coined the "short short version": Lupin III was a tv show which ran 23 episodes in 1971 and 1972. It was helmed by Yasuo Otsuka, while Miyazaki and Takahata joined in as co-directors from episode 7 until the end. 3000 Leagues is the 1976 season of World Masterpiece Theatre, directed by Takahata, and layout by Miyazaki; only eps. 1-7 have been fansubbed so far. Future Boy Conan is Miyazaki's own series, which ran 26 episodes. Otsuka was animation director, and Takahata directed eps. 9 and 10. Anne of Green Gables is Takahata's third and final WMT production, from 1979. Yoshifumi Kondo served as character designer, while Miyazaki worked on layout for eps. 1-13.

Good! Yer married! Kiss her! Start downloading already! Oy gevalt!

EDIT: I went ahead and added links to the fansub releases of Horus and The Flying Ghost Ship. Now you can watch Horus with English subtitles (much more extensive than the UK DVD, which misses a lot). The Flying Ghost Ship is a low-budget Toei movie from 1969 which included Miyazaki as a key animator - the only reason it's ever remembered, to be perfectly honest. It's cheesy, stealing from Scooby Doo and Godzilla, but still fun.

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