Muzsikas - Marta Sebestyen

Hooray! My latest CD arrived in the mail today. The album is called "Marta Sebestyen," and it was released in 1987 by a Hungarian folk group called Muzsikas. It's wonderful, earthy music, the kind of real culture that's continually threatened by the global corporatist machine. One day, everything on Earth may be reduced to commercial jingles and vapid Brittney clones, but not yet. Not today.

How did I discover Muzsikas? Simple. Omohide Poro Poro. Takahata used a variety of European folk music in his masterpiece, including several songs from Muzsikas. Music is often a vital element of Takahata's films, and it's especially crucial here in establishing a mood of rural nostalgia, of a longing for the earth and the trees.

Three songs from "Marta Sebestyen" appear in Omohide Poro Poro: Hajnali Nota (Morning Song), Fuvom Azenekem (I Sing My Song), and Teremtes. The final song, in particular, is carried along by a driving, almost Zeppelin-esque rhythm. It just makes you want to drive through the country and make small talk about organic farming.

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Liberali said...

hi there

in "only Yesterday" @ 00.52.00 start a song with the scene where Taeko works in the flowers field where she picks the yellow ones to make the dye..
i really need to know the name & the performer of this song..
it's not available with the O.S.T of the film :(

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