The God For the Movies

Reading Marc's letter immediately reminded me of something Pauline Kael wrote at the tail end of her great essay, "Why Are the Movies So Bad? or, The Numbers." It's a masterful essay in any right, especially for anyone struggling to understand today's corporate movie industry and how it became that way - "There are direct results when conglomerates take over movie companies."

St. Pauline's concluding observation is a message of hope, and that's probably the reason many people pursue careers in the movies, and animation, and even me and my little weblog:

"And when I saw 'The Black Stallion' on a Saturday afternoon, there was proof that even children who have grown up with television and may never have been exposed to a good movie can respond to the real thing when they see it. It was a hushed, attentive audience, with no running up and down the aisles and no traffic to the popcorn counter, and even when the closign credits came on, the children sat quietly looking at the images behind the names. There may be a seperate God for the movies, at that."

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