Lupin III First Series - Cover and Features

Have a look at the cover for the upcoming Lupin III: The Complete First TV Series DVD box!  Click on the photo to see the full size.

This really looks fantastic, and I'm not just saying that because I contributed to the project.  Many wonderfully talented people came together to share their knowledge and love for Lupin III, and the result is, in my humble opinion, the best anime release of the year.  As many of you are aware, the anime retail market is taking a beating from digital distribution and streaming.  The future of physical media is uncertain (I personally believe rumors of its death are greatly exaggerated), but if we can offer a quality product, with stylish packaging and quality extras, for a fair price, customers will come.  This is my hope.

Here is the feature list for Lupin III: First Series:

Both Widescreen and 4:3 versions of the Lupin the Third Pilot Film

Liner notes for each episode, including newly translated credits, trivia, references, jokes, and other miscellaneous information.

Audio Commentaries on select episodes:
-- Episode 3 by Reed Nelson
-- Episode 4 by guest commentators Ryan Gilbert and Mike Lepore
-- Episode 10 by Reed Nelson
-- Episode 13 by guest commentators Ryan Gilbert and Mike Lepore
-- Episode 23 by Reed Nelson

Essays by Daniel Thomas MacInnes of The Ghibli Blog:
-- Trains and Scalps: a two-part essay discussing Yasuo Ohtsuka and Isao Takahata's background
-- The Big Note: An Introduction to Anime Riffs: Daniel explores his concept of anime "riffs," or self-referential callbacks
-- La Dolce Vita and Lupin at Abbey Road: An analysis of the intro sequence of The Castle of Cagliostro

Song Lyrics

Weapons of Lupin the Third (a list)

Vehicles of Lupin the Third (a list)

Credits for the Lupin the Third Pilot Film

A Filmography of Lupin the Third

Marcee and I are eagerly awaiting our copy to arrive in the mail (just in time for our June 23 wedding, crossing fingers).  We'll put it right next to the eggshell white Japanese Sega Saturn, our pixel-art wedding invitation booklet, and whatever presents we receive from the family.

Thanks once again to Reed Nelson ( for inviting me to join this memorable project.  It was a lot of hard work and a lot of fun, and I'm ready and available for any future projects.  Now everyone must do their part and pre-order the DVD set.  Support Discotek so we can continue to provide quality movies and anime series like Lupin III.

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