Arnold Schwartzenegger Returns as The Governator in 2012

Yes, this is real.  It's not yet another April Fools Day joke from me or anyone else.

This cartoon has that magical MST3K "so bad it's good" quality, so I wouldn't discount it.  Former Governor Arnold with his own Iron Man suit and Tron Light-Cycle?  Let's see how many other movie cliches appear in this trailer...Ooh, there's The Matrix...Green Lantern's ring...I'm pretty sure that's the Bat-Cave...I never realized California had so much trouble with giant robots.  I always figured the Republicans were zombies or vampires, but robots?

Also, at the end of every episode, Arnold the Governator looks to the audience and says, "I have to go now.  My home planet needs me."  Cheesy one-liners are an absolute MUST for The Governator.  "Brought to you by da letter L!"

If I were involved in the production of this cartoon show, I'd go for laughs.  Make it as absurd as possible (it's kinda already there!) and pack it with cheap references to all those 1980s toy commercials, err, ahem....cartoons.  GI Joe and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles must make regular appearances.  Help, I'm a computer!  You gotta stop all the downloading!  Cowabunga, dude!  Skip it, I'm having fun with this one.

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Hanna said...

Me? I was born ready for this. (Pushes down sunglasses)

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