Future Boy Conan - The Videogame!

Hey, did you know that Future Boy Conan had its own videogame? Pretty cool, huh?

No, not that Conan. You're thinking of Conan O'Brian.

No, no, you're thinking of Governor Ahnold.

The other Conan. You know, the Miyazaki show from 1978? Hello, Bueller?

Anyway, not many folks know that Conan appeared as a video game on the PC Engine CD in Japan. The PC Engine arrived on American shores as the Turbografx-16 in 1989, where it squared off against Sega's Genesis, and lost fairly handily. They were out of the game by the time Nintendo jumped into the ring with the Super NES. But in Japan, the PC Engine was fairly successful.

The upshot to all this? This video clip of the Future Boy Conan game, which seems to re-enact the plot to the television show. Only with lots of two-dimensional platform jumping. And breaking boxes open. Because, you know, that sort of thing happened all the time on the show. I think the platforming stages were taken from the episodes Takahata directed. Yeah, that's it.

In any case, enjoy the video.

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