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Rape the Environment, I-III (2003)
Digital Media

Another series of digital prints from my 2003 Digital series. These are similarly titled because they were created in short fashion, progressing from one to the next. I aimed to preserve everything while tinkering with Paint Shop Pro, and at the end, decided to keep each of these.

The titles, as well as many of the 2003 Digital titles, referred to the policies of the George W. Bush Presidency, which was a complete and utter disaster. Thankfully, this is now an opinion that nearly everyone agrees with, and so I don't feel quite as isolated as I did back in 2003, when the trauma of the September 11 terrorist attacks rallied the nation around Bush.

As for these digital prints, I wasn't aiming for a psychedelic look, and at the time, I had no idea what "psychedelic" even meant, other than as some Baby Boomer hippie thing (yuck, goes our Generation X). I only was interested in the form, the color and shape and texture. I also aimed for something that didn't look "digital" or pixelated, but painterly. The swirling patterns of "Part III" more closely resembled my Watercolor on Canvas paintings, and so I happy to recreate that on a computer screen.


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