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St. Scholastica Blues (2003)
St. Scholastica Orange (2003)
Digital Media

These two pieces are part of a very large series of digital artworks created in 2003. Everything was done on Paint Shop Pro, utilizing the various filters and effects.

I chose the title because St. Scholastica was where I spent my first year of college. It's a private Catholic university on the hills of Duluth, Minnesota, across the street from the University of Minnesota-Duluth campus. It's a small school, one very old castle, one newer building for the science departments, and one building for the dorms, where I lived for a time. The Catholic nuns live in their own quarters on one wing of the main building. It was a fun little school, but focused mostly on medicine, so I later transferred to the U of M.

I also thought of St. Scholastica when creating the "orange" piece, which reminded me strongly of 1970s pop art. One would find these kind of rounded-curve patterns on walls everywhere in the late '70s, and so it had a certain nostalgic pull for me.  I also created these pieces as texture-map tiles for video games such as Quake III and Unreal Tournament; I would use those games to "test" the digital artwork, so ensure that no seams were present, and the tiles flowed smoothly.

I'm not sure, exactly, how to achieve that feat in the real world, since the resolution for the 2003 Digital series is all too low (my mistake). I suppose solutions could be worked around it somehow, if the funding were available. It would be cool to make wallpaper out of these patterns for an art gallery show, especially for Orange.


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