Overnight Thread

I dare you to watch this with the lights out and headphones on. Sleep tight, kids. Bwah-hah-hah!!

Friday was our best day for traffic in the past year. The most popular post, to my great surprise, was the Art Gallery of the Day. I shared the post on Reddit as I often do, and response was tremendous. I have no idea if any of these curious new visitors will stick around to become die-hard Ghibli Freaks, but I do hope there will be greater interest in the site. Reddit, like all social media, is notoriously mercurial and completely unpredictable. I often feel like a department store Santa Claus.

Now a quick programming note about the weekend. I've been thinking of making Monday-Friday the "main" days for Studio Ghibli posts. Saturday will be the "music" themed day; last weekend's post on the Sony PS-X5 turntable from last weekend is one example (and that was a very successful post). I have a couple posts already lined up, and I want to give this a try.

Sundays could be the "free-for-all" day, which really means I don't have it figured out yet. Video game essays? Poetry? Personal essays? Non-Ghibli animation? Live-action movies? I think I'll print issue #1 of my video game fanzine, "V: The Videogame Experience," from 1993, but beyond that, I'm not too sure.  We'll see. If a post is a hit, we'll try it again. If it's a bust, we'll drop it.

I am trying to integrate the arts themes into Ghibli Blog's classic programming, and I think this week has been successful. I like the idea of short posts to break up the "major" articles. And I've been working on the big pieces the night before, so that I can publish early the next morning. This leaves me open to prowl for news events or anything that pops up. And I feel that if I can publish two or three Studio Ghibli posts per weekday, I've done a good job. And those posts have to be meaningful.

I like the idea of Ghibli Blog as an "arts" website, integrating different communities that gel together. I'm reading all of your comments and carefully consider all ideas. I'm just in a "Zooropa" mode right now, and I'm really hungry as a writer and artist. And it helps tremendously that my day job has been light these past couple weeks. We'll see how long I can keep up this manic pace.

(Video: The infamous 1987 Max Headroom Pirate Broadcast, where a Chicago PBS station was hijacked for over a minute by an unknown figure wearing a Max Headroom mask. The case has never been solved.)


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