Overnight Thread (An Optical Poem)

Tonight's Late Night Movie is "An Optical Poem" by Oskar Fischinger. This experimental animated film was created in 1938, and is a masterful exercise in color, light and form. Its ideas of fusing abstract graphics to sound was groundbreaking in its day (and led directly to Walt Disney's anthology masterpiece, Fantasia). In out modern age of screensavers, it's pretty much commonplace.

Just imagine how much work it required to cut and assemble everything, to work the timing of the animation to the movements of Franz Liszt's 2nd Hungarian Rhapsody. There's an almost computer-like precision to these movements, and I'm reminded of the great abstract animations of John and James Whitney and other computer graphics pioneers. Fiscinger's films are required study for animation and art lover alike.

Today om Ghibli Blog, we published the famous 1993 Japanese TV broadcast, "Miyazaki Meets Kurosawa." Well, as much of it as is currently available online, that is.We also shared vintage photographs of Miyazaki, Takahata and Kotabe in Switzerland in preparation for Heidi, and The Tale of Princess Kaguya arrived on store shelves today. Oh, and Isao Takahata already has ideas for more films.

On a personal downside, I was informed today that I will not be hired as Cartoon Brew's new Associate Editor. That one hurt, I must admit. I was really looking forward to the interview and the chance to prove myself. At least I can feel proud of Ghibli Blog's recent triumphs. Oh, and my SiteMeter link just suddenly crapped out on me. I have no idea how much traffic this site is getting, apart from Blogger's own (sloppy) internal tracking.

There's a lot on Ghibli Blog to digest, so be sure to catch up and read everything. Comments are always welcome and always inspire me to write more. Please support this site by throwing a couple coins into the tip jar. Much thanks to those who have done so.


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