Overnight Thread (Facebook Update)

Tonight, I've been working on dusting the cobwebs from the Ghibli Blog Facebook page, updated the info, and added most of the last week's posts. The page was originally set up to publish the main site's posts automatically, but for some reason, that never quite happened. I have no idea why, but then again, I have no idea how Facebook works at all. I am, thankfully, too old to understand or even care.

Anyway, Ghibli Blog on Facebook is back in business, and my current plan is to manually re-post everything that is first published here on the main site. I already have to do this with my Twitter and Google+ pages, and I frequently post links on Reddit. Facebook is just another place to promote the site.  Basically, I need a "social media" intern to handle these responsibilities.

 Meanwhile, my long-term strategy of turning Ghibli Blog into The Dish continues apace. As you can see, our Ghibli coverage isn't being affected; we are merely trying to grow and expand the brand, and create something intelligent, unique and special. I probably can't keep up this frenetic pace forever, but building a website is a lot like building a campfire. You have to throw a lot of logs onto the pile to make the damned thing grow.

Here's the movie trailer to Isao Takahata's superb 1981 comedy, Jarinko Chie. It's a really terrific movie and a personal favorite, just like all of Paku-san's movies. A fansub translation is available online, but I really would prefer to see someone like Discotek Media release the Blu-Ray on our shores.


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