Art Gallery For the Day

#2 and #3 (2005)
Digital Media

Tuesday was a complete mess for me, and far too busy to even look at the website. So I'm sharing two paintings for Wednesday. These come from my "2005 Digital Paintings" series, of which only ten were created. I was happy with these pieces, but for reasons no longer remembered, no more were made.

A large series of digital media paintings were created by me in 2003, and another, slighly smaller, series in 2004. All of these were crafted on Paint Shop Pro, by utilizing the built-in filters and effects dials. I often felt like a classic movie mad scientist, throwing all the switches and twirling all the knobs, while sparks flew in all directions. Could I do that again without making a complete mess? No freakin' clue. Hah!

I always very consciously tried to avoid pixels or anything that "looked" computerized. I wanted a painterly look, smooth lines and solid colors. I'm very impressed with these two, which have a nice contrasting blue and orange kaleidoscopic flames. It's all very nice. I ought to create large prints of these sometime. I really need a gallery show or two.


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