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Mike Tyson Eats Children (2001)
Acrylic Paints on Paper

In 2001, in the midst of my "watercolor on canvas" series, I created a series of acrylic paintings on paper, using house paints that were stored in the basement of the house I was living in. I created most of my paintings in my bedroom, which had large wood floors, but for some of the larger pieces, the basement was better.

My goal, if memory serves, was to transfer my skills honed on the "watercolors on canvas" paintings in a more traditional setting, with a more liquid, flowing look to the paints. This was achieved by mixing in unusual paints with the acrylics; I can't remember the specific name, but I used this adhesive paste used for applying kitchen tiles to the floor. A good example of the benefits of experimenting with materials beyond the standard paint kit.

The title was a bit of a joke. It refers to something Mike Tyson was shouting in preparation for one of his later fights. As usual for this time, I looked towards popular culture for the titles, hoping to introduce another layer of meaning to abstract art. I never cared for the cold serial number designations for most abstract works.


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