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Nevermind (1999)
Acrylic Paints, Marker Pens and Liquid Paper on Canvas, 16"x20"

The second of my acrylic paintings on canvas, created in 1999 while living in this massive student house in the Dinkytown district at the University of Minnesota. I had finally moved away from paper, which was always my medium of choice in years past. This stretches back to my teenage fanzine days. I was really thrilled to play around with a larger canvas, with access to all these house paints in the basement, as well as supplies from the Dinkytown art store.

I really like the reds and greens, and the lyrical notes of the brown paints swirling around. Painting always felt like visual music to me; I was often trying to express the images in my mind as I listen to music. This is a quality that I appreciate more today, so many years later, as I better understand the craft. There are also images of plants and leaves, as there were many plants in the big house. It was a run-down dump, but it had its qualities. Too bad I didn't know the other students in that house well enough; I should have knocked on more doors while I was there.

The title, obviously, refers to the Nirvana album that defined my generation. Kurt Cobain's birthday was yesterday, I probably should have posted this on Friday. Ah, well, whatever, nevermind.


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