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Looks Are the Only Thing That Count (2001)
Watercolors and Liquid Paper on Canvas

One of my favorites from the "watercolor on canvas" series. Terrific application of colors and lights, with the Kinko's Liquid Paper used at the top. These require many layers of paint and water, and time needed for the water to dry on the canvas. A bit of patience is required, but also a knowledge of how to mix and blend without browning everything out. The final result is a little similar to oil paintings, at least in its look.

Are there other artists out there who paint watercolors onto canvas? I've still yet to discover any, but I haven't been looking in recent years. It definitely can be done. It just requires slightly different skills and approach to painting. And you definitely need a lot of space on the floor; you're going to make a mess. But isn't that part of the fun?


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