Art Gallery For the Day

The Cocoanuts (2000)
Watercolors and Liquid Paper on Canvas, 18"x24"

A companion piece to Animal Crackers, and one of my favorite pieces from the "Watercanvas" series (the title is another Marx Brothers riff). I always loved the diagonal movements, the layers of paint, "liquid paper" and water. It all flows so nicely, the colors are so rich. There's a real sense of 3D space, like looking at photos of distant galaxies. I think astronomy was an influence of mine at the time, but don't quote me on that.

These pieces are very improvisational, very much like Japanese paintings where the artist must make swift, decisive brushstrokes. One doesn't have time for reflection or editing or modifications; you simply study your chords, plan your jazz solos, and then run with it. You live in the moment, and that's what "watercolors on canvas" is all about. This is a really great painting.


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