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The Great American Sellout (2000)
Watercolors and Liquid Paper on Canvas

One of the very first of my "Watercolors on Canvas" series. After creating acrylics on canvas, and watercolors on paper, I was furiously trying to discover something new. I studied endless art books at the University of Minnesota's Dinkytown Book Store, studied the patterns of oil and water in the neighborhood parking lots. And then I finally started experimenting with watercolor paints on a canvas.  Breakthrough.

This was a new style of painting. I searched endlessly for someone, anyone, who had done this before. As far as I was aware in the year 2000, this was uncharted territory. I was the first. The trick is to use layers of paints, and varying amounts of water, in order to create a melting, liquid effect. The Liquid Paper would be applied last, in short bursts. The Kinko's brand was the best because it diffused in water effectively.

I really need to be creating more of these "Watercanvas" paintings. You should, too.


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