From Up on Poppy Hill - Movie Clips

From Up on Poppy Hill is now playing in theaters across France.  To help promote the release, several clips from the movie are now available on Youtube.  Terrific!  I am greatly interested in Goro Miyazaki's sophmore feature film; while not a blockbuster success in Japan, it earned over $50 million during its run and was the top-earning domestic movie of 2011.  The earthquake and Fukushima disaster, obviously, was a major factor.

Disney will be releasing Poppy Hill in the United States.  When?  Well, that's always the catch, isn't it?  I wonder if they're still sore about that "samurai sword in the mailbox" incident?

Enjoy these clips, kids!  If you're a fan of Isao Takahata's masterful films, or Mimi wo Sumaseba/Whisper of the Heart, this is right up your alley.  Arrietty who?


alualuna said...

I suppose you haven't heard anything about the UK release yet either?

watkinzez said...

Hoping this comes out on Blu around June like Arrietty did. I'm willing to give Goro another chance, considering the circumstances that Earthsea was made in.

I Make Comments said...

Very good animation, as always. Looking forward to seeing this with English subtitles, around the time after it's been released on Blu-Ray in Japan. I didn't like Earthsea, but I think Goro still has potential, and Hayao did work on the story, so that's quite promising.

Abel said...

I watched it yesterday on the cinema. I think is a beautiful film, and is very well done.
Although Earthsea was extremely dissapointing for me, I loved Poppy Hill. I'm happy to see he might be able to do some great films in the future.
Bravo for Goro-san!

Hanna said...

Wait, what are the details for the "samurai sword in the mailbox" story?:)

Laurent said...

I saw it last week in Paris and I really enjoyed it. It's a gentle film with a touching story and very likable characters. It's well made (it's a Ghibli so...) and I found it more beautiful than Arietty. It was also very nice to hear Aoi Teshima again.