Karigurashi no Arrietty Blu-Ray is Here!

The long-awaited Arrietty Blu-Ray is available today in Japan.  The package uses the same thick cardboard as used for the previous releases, with a plastic hairclip as a bonus.  The picture quality will be spectacular, and this will be another wonderful addition to our movie libraries.

Just to clear up the issue of soundtracks and subtitles.  Ghibli's Arrietty BD does include English subtitles, but no English-language dub.  Disney is recording a soundtrack in preparation for next year's theatrical release in the US, so we'll have to wait for that version.  As always, the bonus features are in Japanese only, with no subs.

All of this can be yours for the low, low price of 7,100 Japanese Yen, or roughly $80USD.  Ouch.  Personally, I would already have ordered my copy, but instead I have to spend my money on the fiancee visa to bring Marcee to the United States.  Now that's expensive, folks.  The Studio Ghibli Blu-Rays are a drop in the bucket compared to that.  Fortunately, we'll have a few weeks to save up for the Mimi/Whisper Blu-Ray, which will also be amazingly spectacular.


Russell said...

wait wait, Disney's making their own soundtrack for this movie? have they done that for any others? or are you refering to the dub

Daniel said...

Lucky! This is so sweet. I wish Disney would release them in the US like this.

Is the movie any good?

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

No, when I wrote "soundtrack," I meant the language track, not the music. All the original music will still be there, no worries.

This should be a terrific movie, but I'm pretty obviously biased on the subject :P I'm very happy to be able to see this movie at long last.

Anonymous said...

Mine will arrive Monday. Can't wait to see it.

I also can't wait to hear what the next Blu-Ray releases will be. Crossing my fingers for Only Yesterday! Have they been making announcements according to a schedule/pattern? I figure it won't be until Fall or Winter this year. I just hope they keep releasing in pairs, as they have a big catalog to get through.

watkinzez said...

I am tracking my copy each hour, every hour. Can't wait. :D

Ambi Valent said...

I thought it was a wonderful movie, and I just had to drive 100+ km to watch it, since the movie was in only 20 cinemas across all of Germany.

The movie won awards, reached #1 in Japan and #5 in France, but supposedly because Ponyo didn't do so well, the German publishers have decided to not even advertise it. The only plus side is that the movie will be on DVD soon. But who will buy it if most people don't even know it exists?

Helen91 said...

I watched a raw, don't really understand any Japanese but I loved it anyways! Can't wait for Canada post to stop their god damn strike so people can order things again, gah.

Bhavesh said...

DHL says incorrect address for my shipment. Argh!

Anonymous said...

I saw this movie roughly a month ago, it is a great film and easily as memorable as Miyazaki's classics such as Spirited Away and Castle in the Sky.
This release looks great, I'll wait for the German release though since the German Ghibli Blu-Ray Collection is a lot cheaper and provides the same packaging and extra features.

This is how it looks like (the green logo is removable):

Heidi Fan said...


THIS MOVIE IS FANTASTIC. Finished it only moments ago. Felt like an expanded short story, but I mean that for the better as it took a SIMPLE plot and added depth and beauty to it. Absolutely loved it and am so glad that someone can make a great movie at Ghibli post-Ponyo. 2 BIG thumbs up.

watkinzez said...

Trailer for the UK dub:

Yes, there will be two English dubs for this film. Even Optimum got fed up with waiting for Disney.

Liliana Luevano said...

Where can i buy this bundle dvd ? I want that hairclip ��

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