Heidi, Girl of the Alps (Op/Ed) - This is the Rosetta Stone

Ladies and gentlemen, this is where Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata became known to the world: Heidi, Girl of the Alps, 1974.  This landmark anime series was exported to nearly every corner of the world and was embraced by an entire generation.  Ben Ettinger argues that Heidi almost single-handedly sparked the anime boom of the 1970s.  Its influence and impact arguably as great as Horus, Prince of the Sun; but where Horus was buried alive by its studio, Heidi was a blockbuster smash.

It's interesting to note that among the three major players - Takahata, the director; Miyazaki, the scene designer and layout artist; Yoichi Kotable, the character designer and animation director - Heidi became the mountain peak, the gold standard for their careers.  And that shadow extends to the Studio Ghibli films, even today.  This, friends, is the Rosetta Stone.

There are many, many Heidi videos on Youtube, in Spanish, in Italian, in German, and even in English (for the edited-to-feature-film version).  And there are lots of Heidi homages and parodies from Japan.  But there aren't any full episodes in the original Japanese right now, and that's a shame.  I keep trying to show you at least the first couple of episodes.  We're just going to have to wait for the Heidi Fansub Project to complete their work.

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