Trailer - Puss in Boots (1969)

I started this Ghibli Blog back when I first saw Toei's 1969 movie, Puss in Boots, and absolutely loved it to pieces. It's one of my favorite anime films, and its zany castle chase is one of the most iconic sequences in Hayao Miyazaki's (and Yasuo Otsuka's) career.

I've also begged and pleaded my readers on occasion to buy this DVD. It's available in the US courtesy of Discotek, and includes English subtitles on the Japanese soundtrack, as well as an ancient dubbed soundtrack if you're watching with the younger kids. So if you're a Studio Ghibli fan looking for more of Miyazaki's vast career to explore, begin here.

Enjoy the movie trailer, kids!


Malik Ming said...

If that isn't the silliest trailer I've ever seen.

This is one film I'll definitely be watching this summer.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Definitely get this DVD! If you're a fan of Tom and Jerry cartoons, you'll love it.

Chris Sobieniak said...

It's highly recommended by 'yours truly' too!

Too bad they hadn't tackle anymore Toei Doga greats than the few they released over at DiscoTek. I recently landed a 16mm copy of the English-dubbed "Little Norse Prince" that would've came in handy if they had thought to release this classic film one day.

neo1024 said...

You'll find it here:


Unknown said...

Anyone know where I can download the subtitles - I have the anime but can't understand it...

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