Carrier Pigeon Blogging

Just so everybody knows, the internet connection at my apartment has been pretty weak, if not non-existent, for the past couple of days. I haven't been able to write and post in that time, which is unfortunate. Just think of all the Looney Tunes cartoons we're missing out on.

On a brighter note, we Americans are heading into the Memorial Day holiday, which is the unofficial start to the summer season. Pixar's Up will be entertaining us and thrilling us, Ponyo will arrive before you know it, and there might even be some interesting movies playing in the indie circuit. The Anvil documentary looks especially good. I'll definintely have to go see that. What else is playing?

I'll continue to send out carrier pigeons whenever I find an interesting movie thought that's remotely Ghibli-related. And hopefully the internet connection will actually be working. Stay tuned, kids.


Rain said...

Hi Daniel, I just discovered this blog recently and have been enjoying reading your past reviews of Ghibli films. The upcoming release of "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea" prompted me to search around for info on worldwide release dates. So far, no word yet on when it will be released here in Manila. I mentioned your blog as recommended reading for big Ghibli/Miyazaki fans like myself in a recent entry I wrote about "Ponyo". Would you mind if I linked to your site? Thanks for the great blog and keep on writing. ~Rain :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Roger Ebert's Up review has been posted. Four stars!

Geoff N said...

I think I have found the worst film critic in modern history. He hated "Up" and called "Wall-E" atrocious. In fact, the only Pixar films he did like were the two Brad Bird efforts.

Also looking at some of his other reviews, I really question his sanity. He has also given negative reviews to "Star Trek", "The Wrestler" and "Slumdog". Meanwhile he gave a good review to "Dance Flick", "Bedtime Stories", "Next Day Air" and loved "Chicken Little"...oh my.

One of his saving graces is his appreciation of "Coraline." However, he spends most of his Coraline review ripping into Wall-E.

I shake my head at Armond White