April Was a Good Month

The traffic for April 2K9 was our best ever, slightly more than double the previous numbers. Moreover, the number of page views has skyrocketed, thanks to the site redesign, which makes it easier than ever to find what you're looking for. This was a very, very good month. You can check out the numbers yourselves, by clicking on the Sitemeter button at the very bottom of the page.

While it's true that this blog serves a small community, itself a small segment of a small community and so on (Ghibli - Anime - Animation - Movies), the increase in traffic is remarkable and welcome. It's also quite humbling, and I am very grateful to help bring this community of animation and movie lovers together. There are many more like-minded people out there, from all walks of life, who are fans of these films. It's only a matter of bringing this global community together.

And on that note, I'd like to add that while I'm writing from an American point-of-view, I am speaking for all the Ghibli Freaks throughout the world. We need a place where everyone can come together, hang out, and learn some new things. This is especially crucial for American Ghibli Freaks, since so many of us arrived late to the party. Can you believe Heidi has never been shown here, or Marco, or Anne of Green Gables?

So, anyway, thanks to everybody for playing their part. We're all equal partners on this trip. And I don't care what Ken Kesey says - we're all on the bus.

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