This is Not a Gossip Site

There were some issues raised concerning the previous post, which contained translated text from a Japanese online review (spoiler-free) for Ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea. There were also some issues raised about the website GhibliWorld, which I was not aware of. I've written some notes in the comments section there, so I won't reiterate everything again here.

I just want to state, flatly and for the record, that this website is not in the business of spreading insider information. This is not a gossip site. I've occasionally posted news items from Japan that were interesting to me personally, and I thought would be interesting to you. But that's not my focus and never was. This is a scholarly site, a place where we discuss films and animations freely and do so with an appreciation for the artists.

So if you're looking for insider information, please go elsewhere. That's not our game.

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