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My Picnic Was Hijacked by the Ant-Hill Mob (2000)
Watercolors and Liquid Paper on Canvas, 18" x 24"

One of the goofier titles, I'll freely admit, playing off the old Wacky Races and Laff-a-Lympics cartoons. I think the name came to mind because of the Wacky Races on Sega Dreamcast, which arrived in the summer of 2000. It was also one of the early videogames to feature "cel shading" graphics, which aimed to recreate a hand-drawn animated look to polygon graphics. It was a pretty innovative idea at the time, best utilized in Sega's own Jet Grind Radio (Jet Set Radio in Europe and Japan).

The painting continued the "watercolor on canvas" series, with multiple layers and quantities of paints, with a couple layers of correction fluid as the final layer. If I remember rightly, I didn't use the Kinko's brand this time, but one of the other major "Liquid Paper" brands. I discovered that they were not the same; this brand didn't dilute with water very well, preferring to clump together. It resulted in some interesting patterns, which helped make this painting stand out from the pack. But after this piece, I immediately went back to the Kinko's brand.

I'm not sure if that Kinko's fluid even exists anymore. I should have bought a 20-year supply and put everything into storage. But one can never anticipate the future, knowing what will stay, and what will disappear forever. Your only solutions are to make peace with the impermance of life, or become an obsessive hoarder. I don't have that much closet space.


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